On 22 November 2023, Deaf Ski International was founded as an official organisation by Philipp Steiner from Switzerland (President) and David Pelletier from France (Deputy). With the aim of professionally promoting skiing for deaf children and young people as well as racers. Philipp and David themselves were also successful ski racers for many years, achieving countless successes at international competitions. They know what they are talking about and what it takes to be successful.  Deaf Ski International is a new organisation that will offer a wide range of activities for the hearing impaired. They also want to organise an international training camp for racers. They are also taking over the Deaf Ski Europacup, which has been running for 26 years, we want to continue it with a different format so that it continues to exist. With Toni Koller, we have also brought a great personality on board. He has helped in all areas of skiing for over 30 years.

Deaf Ski Europacup is a ski-racing series for deaf from the Alpine space, as well as from the whole world. Comparatively he is like the world cup or European cup with the hearing. The idea for this racing series originated in 1996 with the European championship in Sundsvall/Sweden. During the long coach trip with which all Racer were transported in the far away Söleftea some "eager with ski" came to the conversation as one can revalue the deaf skiing. There was the danger, that because of few runnings - the world plays and European championship take place only in the 4 year rhythm - the interest of the deaf in the skiing sinks. Indeed, there are some smaller runnings like the land masteries and association masteries, but these are not popular enough and have little attraction. The inhabitant of South Tirol Martin Larch (ITA) had the idea to found an association-European cup. He has exactly thought up as one can do a racing series, without dependence on an association or federation. The runnings are organised by the different associations from the Alpine space which apply. Every year will take place in 3 venues 2 runnings, does 6 runnings per year. There are precise rules and regulations. Points will award like in the world cup mode. The 1-st running took place in 1997 in Brixen in South Tirol (ITA). During the first both years the runnings came only in Austria and South Tirol to the holding, later arrived France and Switzerland. In 2002 2 runnings took place even in Holland on an art mat. The racing series became more and more popular, now per running there came quite on an average 60 participants from Austria, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, France, Czech, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Poland, Ukraine, Netherlands, Japan and Canada. After initial small little problems the organisations become also more and more professional. Now the ski-European cup for deaf who is called meanwhile Deaf Ski Europacup is a steady component in many lands. Deaf Ski Europacup also serves many lands as a qualification for the Deaflympic and European championship. In 2018, Martin Larch handed over to Oliver Klein (AUT) after 20 years of service. After 5 years, Oliver Klein handed over the management to Philipp Steiner (SUI). 

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