Welcome to Deaf International Ski

We welcome you to our new site. We are constantly working on the website. We are all volunteers, but we do our best. With the new organisation, we offer attractive activities such as international children's camps and children's races. There is also an international training camp for deaf racers. In this way, we make it possible for children and racers from all countries to train together. A sense of community to strengthen self-esteem. Deaf Ski Europacup with 26 years of tradition we want to continue with a change with more attraction. 

We are looking for you 

With the donation, we enable professional children's camps with ski races for hearing-impaired children as well as training camps and races for hearing-impaired racers with qualified trainers and carers with the necessary infrastructure.

With this project, we strengthen the self-esteem of hearing-impaired people from different countries by bringing them together with others who are affected by the same condition, allowing them to train together and take part in competitions. 

With your financial donation, you are giving hearing-impaired people a big smile to practise skiing.

We are happy about every donation!

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Wernberg / AUT